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Domus Sagra Famiglia

The hard working and amiable Mgr. Spiridione Penza founded in Britannia Street the Sagra Famiglia Domus in 1911, with the aim of imparting catechism lessons to the area’s children, who were thus prepared for the First Holy Communion. Lessons were also given to boys and girls older in age. Three years later the Domus was moved to a house in St. Michael’s Street, donated to Penza by Salvatore Musu`. With the increase in attendance, the catechism teachers themselves were given courses in spiritual formation and catechetical methods, at the time when Censina Said was superioress of the house. After some years Penza enlarged the premises, providing sleeping quarters for nine members, who started the day with Mass and ended it with the recital of the Holy Rosary. The Christmas functions, Lenten Sermons and Holy Week celebrations became very popular with the people of Cospicua. Recreational activities were added, and children were often taken for outings, especially during Carnival days. Mgr. Penza breathed his last on 15 April 1924 and was succeeded by Mgr. Antonio Galea. But during the Second World War the Domus was razed to the ground, for another Domus to be opened in Bull Street after the end of the hostilities. Rosina Falzon became superioress of the new Domus, today used as residence and office by the local archpriest. A Domus was opened at Wigi Rosato Street, where the late Rev. Edgar Huntingford, ably helped by Ms. Mary Pace, was appointed superior. An average of 140 children are annually given catechism lessons. After a number of years, these premises were also pulled down to be replaced by a brand new Domus, comprising several classes for the teaching of catechism, a multi-purpose hall seating up to 200 persons, a lift and a games room for youths.

These are the pictures of the Work in Progress



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